Marc3 Girona About Us

What is Marc3 Girona?

Marc3 Girona, a company originally dedicated to framing and custom manufacturing standard frames with over 25 years of existence.

Over time we have incorporated in our shops selling paintings of different artists and styles: abstract, figurative, landscape … Making them custom made with desired colors and specialized in paintings with the theme of the city of Girona. We also have prints and reproductions from classic artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir … to Vetriano contemporaries, Hopper, Lynch, Klimt …

We have a department of digital printing to print your photos on canvas or textured giving the product size and ready to hang.

So we also offer a wide range of single or multiple frames for photos and in different formats and styles, always following the latest trends.

Among our customers, in addition to individuals, are offices, offices, hotels, restaurants, clinics and organizations like local councils and libraries.


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